About Us

Members of our team have  been involved on numerous major projects across the Heathrow Airport Ltd infrastructure. Working with some of the biggest and most respected names in the construction industry. Using our knowledge of Project Handover Management along side the experience we have gained, as well as our individual reputations we came together to form Higgs & Hughes Ltd. A company that specialises in implementing, developing and managing processes in the areas of Project Handover Management, Documention Management and Asset & Maintenance Integration to help meet all of your required project handover needs.

Performance Excellence

Higgs & Hughes Ltd is committed to delivering a high quality service to ensure all required areas of Project and Asset Handover Management are met to the standards of which result in the complete and successful handover of all project handover requirements.

Client Focus

Our approach is led by an unwavering focus on fully understanding the needs of clients and delivering on our promises, regardless of the scale or complexity of the challenge in hand. Working collaboratively with our clients, we develop solutions from concept through every stage of the project to completion.


As a company we are passionate about harnessing innovation as a positive force for change. We instil this mind-set culturally in every element of our operations and project delivery.


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